Correct Connect

Keeping Families connected

Our staff & volunteers

  • President: Shawayne Hodges

  • Vice President: Jenelle Jack

  • Secretary/Treasurer: Kristin Stoneberg

Our Mission

To preserve family connections between incarcerated individuals and their families.  

About us

Correct Connect works to preserve connections between incarcerated individuals and their families. Many people don't know how to cope with having a loved one that is incarcerated and just don't know where to begin. A 2010 study showed that nearly half of Oregon state prisoners lived with their children prior to incarceration and that a family’s income drops 22% after parental imprisonment, that's a huge change for families to have to learn to deal with and puts those children at an unfair disadvantage.

Correct Connect is currently hosting workshops and offering support services for children who have a parent incarcerated and our goal is to have a shuttle service so that family members can visit their loved ones at an affordable rate and a community center where people can come together for support. We plan to have mentors and support groups to assist people that are new to dealing with their loved ones’ incarceration and also offer additional services/referrals that will help these families succeed. (back to school events, family adoption for the holidays, winter coat assistance)

Our services are very beneficial to a group of people that are often overlooked but that need our help to maintain their family’s strength. Children who have a parent that is incarcerated are 5 to 6 times more likely to be incarcerated than their peers. They are unintended victims of their parents’ crimes and we must work together to give them a better chance of succeeding. This organization benefits our community tremendously!!